First Post

Welcome to Rockstar Without a Label clothing and entertainment!We are very excited about this new company and hope that you get the concept of "Living like a Rockstar".This doesnt mean you have to Overdose or tear up hotel rooms,but sometimes a Rockstars life can lead them in that direction.I would try and avoid that part of the lifestyle unless you want to end up dead,in jail or on TMZ.We've all probabley wished we were a rich and famous celebrity,model or Rockstar!The Exspensive Cars,Houses,Wives and parties are all that they appear but we've all seen the tragic end results in most cases,Addictions,Divorce and Bankruptcy.I see the Term Rockstar used more and more now in everyday life.My son the "Rockstar" just graduated college or my daughter the "Rockstar" just had her first child.The term has many meanings which is how i came up with the idea that EVERYONE IS A OR CAN BE A ROCKSTAR IN THIER OWN MIND AND WAY OF LIVING!!!You dont have to have a RECORD DEAL and BIG HOUSE and TONS OF MONEY to ENJOY LIFE!Be who and what you want to be in life!!Its yours to choose be whatever your dream is!!! A Rockstar can be a Kid,Adult,Grandma Father,Mother,Banker,Construction Worker,Goverment employee,Hair dresser,Teacher,Student,Boss,Bike and Car Builder,Cop,Soldier etc. or whatever you feel like doing.In todays world you can be a gay,straight or both Rockstar it doesnt matter anymore times have changed.I've worked for alot of people in my days growing up and at time was happy with that.Now that im older i do what i want! Right or wrong in order to live the dream and write my song.I've been a Cabinetmaker,Log home builder,House cleaner,Photographer,Hunting Guide and now i want my own Clothing and Lifestyle Brand and way of life.I want to be able to afford to help others achieve thier goals and dreams as well.Be your own style of Rockstar Without a Label! You define what that label means to you! Be the biggest and baddest or the most humble and kind hearted Rockstar you can be!!Work hard! Play hard!Live and Let Live be kind to others along the way!!Remember every action has a reaction in life.Choose a positive way to get what you want out of life because KARMA is a Bitch!!Thank you and I hope you all like the clothing.This is the first series of Rockstar designs.In the future we will be adding new products and gear as soon as we can!! Rock the Nation!!




                                                                         Rockstar Without a Label